Martin Lüscher


Office address                                                                     

CERN, Physics Department
Route de Meyrin
CH-1211 Geneva 23


Research interests

Quantum field theory and elementary particle physics, Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), lattice QCD, numerical simulations, parallel computing.

For an up-to-date list of publications see the SPIRES High-Energy Physics Database.

Selected talks

How to derive the Virasoro algebra from dilation invariance (Munich 1988)
Andrejewski lectures
(1st,2nd,3rd,4th lecture) (Berlin 2004)
Application of the Schwarz alternating procedure in lattice QCD (Tsukuba 2004)
SU(N) gauge theories and the bosonic string (Niels Bohr Institute 2004)
Stability of lattice QCD simulations and the thermodynamic limit (Valencia 2005)
Schrödinger functional with Ginsparg--Wilson fermions (Ringberg Workshop 2006)
Numerical lattice QCD with light quarks (Niels Bohr Institute 2006)
Deflating QCD: physical concepts and algorithms (Berlin 2007)
Wilson quarks and the Banks-Casher relation (Trento 2008)
Topology, the Wilson flow and the HMC algorithm (Villasimius 2010)
Renormalization and continuum limit of the gradient flow in non-Abelian gauge theories (Trento 2011)
Future applications of the Yang–Mills gradient flow in lattice QCD (Mainz 2013)
Stochastic locality and simulations of very large lattices (Liselund Workshop 2014)

Lecture notes

Advanced lattice QCD (Les Houches 1997)
Chiral gauge theories revisited (Erice 2000)
Lattice QCD --- from quark confinement to asymptotic freedom (Paris 2002)
Computational strategies in lattice QCD (Les Houches 2009)

Technical notes

The energy momentum tensor of critical quantum field theories in 1+1 dimensions (1976)
Lattice fermions in 4+1 dimensions (August 1999) [Addendum (March 2000)]
Topological fields in Yang-Mills gauge theories (February 2000)
Lattice fermions, exact chiral symmetry and unitarity (August 2000)
Comment on the PHMC algorithm (December 2002)
SU(3) matrix functions (August 2009)


The programs made available on this page may be used under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). They are written in C and comply with the ISO C (formerly ANSI C, also known as C89) standard. 
RANLUX random number generator
Lattice QCD parallel benchmark programs
DD-HMC algorithm for two-flavour lattice QCD
openQCD simulation program
Zolotarev rational approximation to the sign function